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A Couple Grand

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Amelie and Valesca are two models who have acquired quite a following on our site. But both have acquired that following through solo shoots. Now, they are together, and the members are sizzling with excitement. To see these two models together is a true treat, if only because they are a study in contrasts. Valesca is blonde. She has a noticeable tan line where her bikini bottoms go, though no such tan line on her breasts. She has a shaved pussy, but with a landing strip (a thin strip of hair running vertically down her pudendum). And she has a gullible, innocent, "Swiss Miss" look about her. Amelie is the brunette. She has no tan lines, above or below. And she is completely shaved. Further, her demeanour is more advanced, more experienced. She has an air of sophistication and worldliness about her. And together, these girls are everything. This is an incredible Best Of series, and if you havent seen it all yet, youre truly missing out.